First Honda Civic Type-R Track Review And 0-200km/h or 124MPH Sprint

First impressions of the all-new Honda Civic Type-R’s track performance are in and the verdict is encouraging. The car is hugely capable, using its chassis, brakes and engine to deliver a new kind of front-wheel drive Type-R experience.

The biggest change is obviously the engine which now sounds like any other turbo two-liter. It is very fast, as you’ll see in the second of the videos posted below, and once the comparos star pouring in this will be put into perspective by all of its current (slower) rivals.

So far it’s only been driven around Slovakiaring, at a manufacturer-organized event, but so far things are looking pretty good.

I personally am curious what one sounds like with a louder custom exhaust, but that too will have to wait until they reach private hands. In stock form it’s really not all that inspiring, although it may be suitable for the surge-like effect of 400 Nm / 295 lb-ft.

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