Finally! Honda’s All-New Civic Type R Revealed In Paris

One look at these official pics confirms the wait for the all-new Honda Civic Type R has been worth it.

With that awesome bodykit and 20-inch wheels with wide 245-section low-profile rubber, the Honda Civic Type R unveiled at the Paris Motor Show highlights the fact Honda’s engineers have indeed been studiously toiling to make this car special.

Technically dubbed a ‘prototype’ the car on the Honda stand in Paris is virtually ready for production and Honda confirmed the Type R to be sold in all corners of the planet will come from its plant in Swindon, U.K.

Global launch is next year and that’s good because Honda was far too late getting the previous Type R to market. For this first time, this generation Honda Civic Type R will be officially sold in North America.

Expect power to come from an updated version of the current 230kW/400Nm turbocharged 2.0-litre engine driving the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

And there has been some talk of an automatic version – let’s hope Honda opts for a dual-clutch transmission (but that probably won’t be the nine-speeder fitted to the NSX supercar).

The new Type R rides on the same platform as the regular Civic but with suitable mods to make it…well, make it a Type R!

And Honda says the excellent styling is totally purposeful – note the carbon-fibre front splitter and three exhaust tailpipes. Honda says all aero elements aren’t flim-flam – they all contribute to reduced drag and extra downforce.

And this one too gets filed under ‘C’ for ‘can’t wait’!

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