Fernando Alonso Would Like To Race At Le Mans 24H

McLaren-Honda driver Fernando Alonso doesn’t hide the fact that he’s tempted by other categories besides Formula 1, particularly endurance racing.

The Spaniard doesn’t find Formula 1 as exciting as in 2005 and 2006 when he won his two world titles. Despite signing a three-year contract with McLaren-Honda upon returning to the team this season, Alonso isn’t trying to hide his frustration with F1.

“I love motorsport, all the categories. But it’s true Formula 1 is not exactly the same or as exciting as it was in the past, for me, to drive the cars just two or three seconds faster than a GP2 car,” Alonso was quoted as saying by Autosport.

However, the former F1 world champion acknowledged that he’s motivated to race for McLaren-Honda. “I’m enjoying this process of starting from zero and getting competitive. But with no testing, with these tyres, with these limitations, with the calendar for next year, there is the temptation for other categories,” Alonso said.

After this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours, the Spaniard admitted he was close to competing in the race and said he is interested in taking part in the even later in his career.

“Yes, I considered to race in Le Mans. In the future – and when in the future I don’t know – I just said it was very close this year, so maybe next year. I don’t know,” Alonso said at the Austrian Grand Prix in June.

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