Emily Blunt Plays A Malfunctioning Honda Robot on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Honda‘s ASIMO robot has long been showing off its human-like skills, from walking around the office to playing soccer with the president. Naturally, this would be mocked at some point.

This weekend, NBC’s Saturday Night Live poked fun at Honda’s robot in a skit with that night’s host Emily Blunt. She and show regular Mikey Day play the two robots at a consumer electronics show as Bobby Moynihan proudly shows off their skills at walking and passing appetizers out to the audience.

Except it doesn’t really go as planned because of cellular phone interference. Day’s robot can’t stand up and Blunt’s gets uncomfortably close to Kate McKinnon – who looks within seconds of breaking character when Blunt gets in her face. Leslie Jones also makes an appearance as the technician who has to get the robots working again.

ASIMO would not be impressed, but you might find the video below amusing.

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