Drag Bike Takes Off On Full Boost…Literally

It might sound strange, but when you’ve got a modified turbo’d bike between your legs that’s able to cross the quarter mile little over 7 seconds, you need to be on top of your game. Literally

Unfortunately, Brett Ghedina wasn’t, but only for a split-second – enough to perform a scary, but memorable, launch. Lucky for him, he escaped with just a few bruises, although the Honda CBR 929 suffered some damage on its way down – after realizing it wasn’t an airplane.

According to Ghedina, a wiring related fault to the boost controller falsely led him to believe the bike would give him only wastegate spring boost pressure, so he gave it the full beans. The result was the complete opposite what the rider was expecting, sending him and the bike into a 70ft backflip – as described.

“That’s not what its supposed to do,” stated Brett Ghedina in an interview following the occurrence, looking very untroubled by the aftermath. Either way, that was the bike’s final outing, as the rider’s team will retire the 15-year-old motorcycle.

It looks like drag racing in Australia is becoming more and more spectacular, with this accident coming just a couple of weeks after two other riders pushed their bikes on foot, all the way to the finish line


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