Do These Live Pics Make Honda’s New Concept D Look Any Better?

More than just a concept to impress the crowds at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, Honda‘s new Concept D was built to preview the firm’s upcoming top-end SUV for the Chinese market.

“Equipped with advanced safety technologies and other advanced features, a Concept D-based SUV model will go on sale from both Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda, positioned as a new flagship model of Honda in China,” the Japanese carmaker said in a statement.

For better or for worse, the production car’s design will be toned down by the time it arrives in the market, though, to what extent, remains uncertain.

It doesn’t look anything like Honda’s other SUVs in Western markets with its Citroen / DS-esque fascia and excessive styling details – we’ll give it that, but overall, it gives us a sense of being different just for the sake of being different…

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