Could The Honda S660 Find Its Way To The US?

2015 Honda S660


Honda has hit a Japan-only homerun with its new S660 Roadster. The diminutive kei car has sold out its entire production run of 8,600 cars. We love the fact that a nation is so excited for a lightweight, low-power droptop that they quickly scooped them all up. There will be another go-around for the car, and the orders will no doubt flood in again. While the S660 has kicked serious butt in Japan, we’d be really curious how it would fare in the United States. Honda is curious too, apparently, as Edmunds recently discovered.

According to Executive Vice President of American Honda John Mendel, the automaker is looking to “add some spice in the lineup.” That’s not-so-subtle code for We Need Something Fun. Yes, the Civic Type R is on its way, but that car certainly has a limited scope of appeal. The S660 Roadster, on the other hand, could find fans young and old, male or female. It’s an appealing second car, and it could be a nice dash of the spice that Mendel is looking for.

Will that actually happen, though? We’re going to say no to this one, as we just don’t see a kei car making its way to our shores. Folks might be a bit afraid of the size. Additionally, the power figures seem rather unappealing on paper. The S660 makes just 66 horsepower. That’s fine considering it also weighs under 2,000 pounds, but it could be enough to scare off potential sales. As much as we’d love to see the S660 offered up as a sort of modern baby S2000, we just don’t see it happening anytime soon… or ever, unfortunately.

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