Commuter Classic: This ’87 Honda Accord Still Looks Brand New


If you bought a brand new Honda in the 1980s, you had a pretty good idea that it would last you for a number of years. In fact, a quick look at many of today’s college campuses reveals that plenty of these ‘80s Hondas are still zipping around, perhaps even on their second or third college tour. 

The unsavory side effect of those decades of faithful service is that well… sometimes these commuter car icons aren’t privy to, let’s say, meticulous maintenance intervals or careful drivers. Bumps and bruises are almost guaranteed.

This 1987 Honda Accord is a stark outlier, however. Despite its 29 years of age, it still could pass for a brand new car, in terms of outward appearance. The two-door hatchback absolutely gleams. Happily enough it’s also for sale, and is listed on eBay in British Columbia, Canada.


There’s a reason these cars have earned a frequent spot on Car and Driver’s 10Best list year after year. Honda absolutely nailed the recipe when it revamped the Accord for 1986, in fact, not much changed for ’87 at all. They were of course reliable, but also fun to drive and sporty in a drives-like-a-Prelude, looks-like-an-Acura-Legend kind of way.

Compare the Accord to some of the other compact sedan options of the late ‘80s—let’s say, the Dodge Shadow, Oldsmobile Firenza, Ford Tempo, or Chevrolet Corsica—and we’re pretty sure you’d have chosen the Accord too.

While you could nab an Accord four-door sedan, this Honda Accord is the sportier two-door hatchback, and it’s said to still wear its original lick of paint. Apart from some bubbling by the rear fender and some wear marks on the shoulders of both front seats, the Accord seems to have been kept in pretty spiffy condition.


Pop the hood and you’ll find one of Honda’s great A20 series four-cylinder engines, which comes mated to a four-speed automatic transmission (a five-speed manual was also offered). According to the odometer, the pairing has seen its share of 91,600 kilometers traveled (56,917 miles), which helps to suggest why the Accord looks so clean after all these years.

Like it? This ‘87 Accord may not have all the gadgets and gizmos of its modern day sibling, but it is great to see survivors like this still zipping around North American roads.

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