Can A BMW M3 Or An Audi RS3 Beat Honda’s Civic Type-R On Track? Are You Sure?

This is what happens when you have access to a narrow track, a stopwatch and some of the best performance cars of our time.

Steve Sutcliffe makes an unusual comparison between Honda’s Civic Type-R and the much more expensive and powerful Audi RS3 and BMW M3. I’m guessing that Auto Express wanted to demonstrate how a track this narrow can limit the differences between these three, vastly different machines which is always an interesting subject.

The comparison was basically a challenge for the two German cars, to beat that is, the Type-R’s lap time. With the RS3 being all-wheel drive and having almost 60hp more and the M3 being… the M3, the theory says that these cars should have no problem at humiliating their much cheaper rival.

We have already said that the Civic Type-R is one of the most serious FWD hatches out there, offering tremendous performance but how does it cope against the BMW and the Audi?

Head to the video to find out.


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