Buick to air first-ever Super Bowl commercial

Buick to air first-ever Super Bowl commercial

Flush will new products just over the horizon, Buick has confirmed that it will air its first-ever Super Bowl commercial during this year’s big game.

Although Buick hasn’t publicly stated its Super Bowl plans, the General Motors division confirmed to Automotive News that it will air a commercial during this year’s broadcast. Buick’s Super Bowl spot will be of the 30-second variety.

“Super Bowl 50 represents a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our newest vehicles to a global audience of millions of consumers,” Buick said.

Buick didn’t reveal the content of its Super Bowl ad, but inside sources have indicated the commercial will focus on the Cascada convertible that’s due out in a few weeks. The 30-second spot could also feature the redesigned LaCrosse sedan and Envision crossover, both of which will launch later this year.

“From an advertising standpoint, we haven’t had any real new product to use,” said Buick head Duncan Aldred. This year “is really exciting because now we’ve got some fantastic new vehicles.”

Buick will be one of several automakers advertising during this year’s Super Bowl. Honda, Hyundai and MINI, among others, have already committed to advertising during this year’s game.

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