Automakers commit to UK despite Brexit

Automakers commit to UK despite Brexit

Honda and Nissan have pledged to keep manufacturing in the United Kingdom in wake of the country’s vote to split from the European Union.

Honda, which raised prices after the British Pound collapsed after the “Brexit” vote, told Automotive News Europe that the company has “no intention” of scaling back its goal to grow its Swindon, England, manufacturing facility.

This news came on the heels of Nissan’s reassurance last week that it plans to build future global models in the UK, however that company’s decision has been mired in controversy.

On Monday, Labour Party representatives challenged U.K. Business Secretary Greg Clark to release a letter sent to Nissan shortly after the Brexit vote. According to Bloomberg, those representatives are concerned that Clark may have included a “sweetener” for Nissan.

Clark claims the letter simply contained reassurances that no automaker will be shortchanged by the country’s departure from the EU and Nissan will receive no special treatment.

Labor parties argue that if such is the case, Clark should have no reservations about releasing the letter publicly. Clark countered by saying that any communications which discuss the plans of private enterprise should remain sealed so as not to jeopardize those strategies by exposing them to competitive scrutiny.

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