Auto Expo 2016: Honda Neowing Concept Showcased

While three-wheel bikes aren’t exactly conventional, they definitely are the sportiest of the lot and manage to grab the right kind of attention. The Honda Neowing concept is doing exactly that being showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. First showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, the Neowing makes things special not because of the three wheels but also as it manages to wear the ‘Wing’ badge, established by the iconic Gold Wing.

Essentially, the Honda Neowing is a trike motorcycle with two wheels up front and one at the rear offering excellent cornering capabilities and impressive low speed stability. The concept has been styled to emphasize the mechanical nature of a two-wheeled motorcycle, despite the fact that it has three wheels. Under the sporty and well scalpted bodywork, the Neowing is powered by a hybrid powertrain that combines a horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine with electric motors.

Though the power output is undisclosed, the honda promises to provide impressive torque and throttle response on the Neowing concept. The three-wheeler uses a Honda developed linkage mechanism for the front wheel, which is likely to be similar to the one seen on the Piaggio MP3, one of the acclaimed three-wheeled motorcycles available in the market.

While Honda has not disclosed any plans to put the Neowing into production, we do hope that the model makes it to the assembly line sometime in the future. With unconventional products like the NM4 already present in its lineup, the Neowing does not feel too far fetched. That said, chances of the production ready Neowing making it to India are slim. Meanwhile, the Honda pavilion has some very interesting concepts up for display including the Navi scooter, in addition to the two mystery concepts X and X that represent the company’s future models.

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