Aston Martin To Offer Consulting Services

Aston’s new consulting services are not aimed to individual customers, but to companies looking to expand their portfolio with a touch of exclusivity.

The new Aston Martin Consulting (AMC) is a new initiative to provide companies with the opportunity to engage with the car maker’s expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing. In other words, Aston Martin wants to share its vast knowledge to anyone willing to work with them.

Aston Martin past (successful) projects included collaborations with Sir Norman Foster’s company, Foster + Partners, to design the London Bus of the future, as well as with Quintessence Yachts, creating the AM37 powerboat.

“We are often asked to collaborate on projects with other companies. My belief is that we can expand the provision of our expertise and experience even further. The formation of Aston Martin Consulting means that we can offer a more structured approach to these projects”, said Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer.

The operations will be based at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, headed by managing director Bradley Yorke-Biggs.

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