Aston Martin DB11 Gets Volante Virtual Treatment

An open-top version of Aston’s newest creation seems logical enough, especially since it comes as a replacement for the old DB9.

The British company hasn’t (officially) announced any plans (yet), but since it was just presented earlier this month in Geneva, X-Tomi photoshopped his own DB11 Volante, and the result is simple, yet appealing: a grand tourer with a chopped roof to make cruising down coastal roads a pleasure.

We’ll remind you that the new DB11 in coupe trim is 50 mm longer, 28 mm wider and it has a 65 mm longer wheelbase compared to its predecessor. This translates into more room in the front and rear.

Aston claims that everything on its GT is brand new, from the design, to the electrics and, ultimately, the engine, speaking of which, it gets a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, mounted at the front and paired with an 8-speed auto, developed by ZF, that can be controlled via paddle shifters on each side of the steering wheel. No manual gearbox is offered on the car.

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