Ariel supercharges Nomad off-roader for 290 horsepower

Ariel supercharges Nomad off-roader for 290 horsepower

Ariel has updated its Nomad off-roader with a new engine option, adding a supercharger for even more power.

With the benefit of forced induction, the Nomad’s Honda-sourced 2.4-liter engine produces 290 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque — up 55 hp and 30 lb-ft of twist — according to Autocar.

The basic model launches to 60 mph from a standstill in just 3.4 seconds, surging up to 100 mph in 7.4 seconds and topping out at 125 mph. The supercharged model presumably improves acceleration and top speed, though precise figures have not yet been announced.

Introduced early this year, the Nomad serves as a higher-riding all-terrain counterpart to the track-focused Atom. Both share similar open-top construction, though the off-roader adds a full roll cage.

The basic Nomad fetches £30,000 (~$46,400 USD), while the supercharged package brings the price up to £36,000 (~$55,700).

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