An Aston Martin Vantage V8 Compared To A… Honda Odyssey?

Talk about comparing apples with oranges or, more likely, apples with mango from Mars; Doug DeMuro is surely joking big time on this one.

Well, he starts from a valid premise: surely everyone has entertained the thought of what a certain amount of money would get them irrespective of category.

In this case, he sets a $45k limit because that’s how much his 2007 Vantage V8 costs. He could have chosen another sports car, a Porsche 911 for example, to compare it with. But it would have been too cliché, too easy. Better leave that to the motoring journos, vloggers and what-have-you. Let’s pick something else for a change.

Like the antithesis of what an Aston Martin stands for. Instead of an Alpha male, James Bond-alluring, suave kit of British metal, why not go for a brand-new full-size people carrier? A minivan, the one kind of car that has “Married With Kids” and lots of not-sexy-at-all other stuff writ all over it, like a Honda Odyssey Touring Elite?

You probably think you know how this one goes. If you have performance, engineering, running costs or any of that in mind, well, no, you don’t. Throw in a vacuum cleaner, a glovebox, stuffed animals, lots of active and passive safety features and what you come up with is…

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