Alexander Rossi Drives & Shares Thoughts On 2017 Acura NSX

It seems that not even a 707 HP Charger Hellcat can sway Indy 500 winner and F1 reserve driver Alex Rossi from taking the Acura NSX for a spin.

When you’ve raced everything from Formula BMW to GP2, GP3, Formula Renault, Le Mans, Formula One and most recently IndyCar, it seems that overall power output isn’t necessarily what strikes you as being interesting.

Rossi, with the assistance of Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago, took a cruise in the all-new NSX and gave his thoughts on multiple issues such as Honda power units, the state of the supercar and even hamburgers.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what a successful 25-year old race car driver uses as his daily driver, in Rossi’s case, surprisingly, it’s a Honda Pilot, which he actually finds to be a very cool car.

It was also surprising to find out that he doesn’t actually own a sports car/supercar that he could take to the track – though if he would buy one at one point, it seems that it would definitely be a McLaren P1 (although he admits to not having driven the 918 or the LaFerrari).

Unfortunately for us, he doesn’t really get the chance to put the NSX through its paces and only drives it through traffic at speeds that look pretty much legal. Still, he does manage to say quite a few interesting things about it.


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