Acura’s Precision Cockpit Concept Is A Glimpse Of The Future

The Precision Concept that was launched at January’s NAIAS was supposed to showcase Acura‘s new exterior language. Now, the brand is following that up with the Precision Cockpit that was just displayed at the LA Show.

Using the layout of the NSX supercar as a basis, the Precision Cockpit utilizes two 12.3-inch displays, one in place of the traditional instrument binnacle and one in the center console.

The former is using an advanced version of the Acurawatch system and fuses it with information gathered by the semi-autonomous driving sensors to create a clear picture of the vehicle’s surroundings, its position compared to other vehicles and obstacles, and even ‘guess’ its trajectory.

The second screen, though, is where Acura claims to differ from the competition. In its engineers’ opinion, traditional touchscreens are not at the optimal line of sight for the driver, while button-operated systems don’t offer the same level of interaction and can be laggy.

Acura’s solution is a touchpad that is claimed to be intuitive to use and offer the best of both worlds without requiring compromises. That’s possible by using “absolute positioning” tech, which makes the operation resemble that of an actual touchscreen.

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