Acura To Race All-Electric NSX Concept At This Year’s Pikes Peak

Ripping out the NSX‘s twin-turbo V6 for two more electric motors and a larger battery is Acura‘s idea of tackling the famed 2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

With no less than four electric motors sitting at its disposal, a setup previously used on the CR-Z EV at the 2015 event, the zero-emission NSX features a world’s first technology that enables four-wheel independent torque allocation and produces three times the output of last year’s prototype.

Tetsuya Yamano, the man who drove the CR-Z EV up the hill climb in 2015, will sit behind the wheel in the all-electric NSX, which will be put to the test on June 26, but even if spectators will be impressed with its performance, don’t expect Acura to develop it for sale, as it remains a concept.

Joining it on the 12.42 miles (19.99 km) long course that has 156 turns and climbs from start to finish will be two more specially modded units of the supercar, which haven’t ditched the internal combustion mill. These will compete in the Time Attack 1 and 2 classes, driven by brothers Nick and James Robinson, and will be attended by a fourth NSX, a TLX and an MDX that have been transformed into pace cars for the event.

Note: Acura NSX TA1 and TA2 pictured

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