Acura reveals second-gen autonomous RLX prototype

Acura reveals second-gen autonomous RLX prototype

Acura has revealed its second-generation autonomous prototype vehicle, based on the RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD.

The sedan has been modified with a full suite of cameras, radar sensors and laser scanners, along with more powerful CPUs and GPUs to help process the autonomous driving algorithms.

“These enhancements have been combined with new, more intelligent software algorithms to support more complex testing scenarios,” the company notes.

Engineers have implemented a “sensor fusion” strategy that aims to improve reliability and accuracy by comparing data from overlapping sensors. Radar sensors are best suited for detecting precise position and velocity of nearby objects, while the cameras can better identify the objects based on size and shape. The same concept is already put to use in production vehicles outfitted with AcuraWatch driver-assistance features.

Acura will soon begin testing the autonomous RLX at the 5,000-acre GoMentum proving ground in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company plans to launch more advanced autonomous driving technologies near the end of the decade.

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