Acura recalls MDX, cites ‘road hazard’ from falling parts

Acura recalls MDX, cites ‘road hazard’ from falling parts

Acura has recalled the 2014-2015 MDX and MDX AWD to replace corroded bolts.

The company received several hundred warranty claims related to missing bolts that secure the air-conditioning compressor clutch plate. Due to a lack of proper anti-corrosion coating from a supplier, the bolts can eventually break or loosen and fall out.

Notably, the company is not recalling the vehicles due to safety concerns for the occupants of affected vehicles. A missing clutch plate merely causes non-functioning AC, however the part poses a threat to other vehicles once it falls off the MDX.

“The AC clutch drive bolt may loosen or break, which could cause the AC clutch drive pulley to fall under the vehicle while in motion, potentially presenting a hazard to other vehicles,” the company said in a statement. “No crashes or injuries have been reported related to this issue.”

It is unclear if the recall decision was partly influenced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recent tougher stance on safety issues.

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