Acura NSX Highlights 2,000 Years Of Technological Advancement With Giant Geoglyph

Enthusiasts had been waiting a long time for Honda to bring back the NSX. But 2,000 years?

That’s how long ago it was (on average) when the Nazcas of ancient Peru created their famous geoglyphs – giant line drawings in the desert that can only be seen from above. Just why and how they did it remains something of a mystery, enshrined as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Two millennia later, Honda sought to recreate the feat using modern technology – chiefly the new Acura NSX. The joint American-Japanese team set up a series of precise GPS coordinates that they transmitted to the driver in the supercar who retraced them on the surface not of the Nazca Desert in South America, but in the El Mirage salt flats in California. Of course by now, we have the technology to actually see it from above, which the members of the Nazca culture didn’t.

Mind you, the resulting tracks are only faintly visible even from above. But they were created at ten times the size, covering an expanse over 1,000 yards long. The idea was to show just how tightly the NSX can turn with its Sport Hybrid Super Handling All -Wheel Drive system. It’s a publicity stunt to be sure, but as far as those go, this one’s not half bad.

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