Acura NSX Goes All-Electric for Pikes Peak 2016


The all-new 2017 Acura NSX follows in the footsteps of the latest and greatest supercars, now fitted with an advanced hybrid gas-electric powertrain. However, Honda has unveiled a special evolution of its NSX, destined to race at the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, and you won’t find a drop of gas (much less a gas tank) anywhere beneath its svelte figure. 

Instead, this new car—the 2016 Acura NSX 4-Motor EV Concept—is all-electric and will be vying for a win in the hillclimb’s Electric Modified Class.

According to Honda, the Acura NSX based concept is a full evolution of the all-electric Honda CR-Z race car that won last year’s Exhibition class, and will once again be driven by Tetsuya Yamano. This year however, Honda says the EV now outputs three times the system power of its predecessor, which could make for quite the battle at the top of the time charts.


“We’ve been tuning the car for several weeks at Pikes and have advanced its performance significantly,” said Tetsuya Yamano. This year’s event also marks the 100th running of the Colorado hillclimb event. “We’re honored to be running at Pikes in this historical, anniversary year.”

Interestingly, the 4-Motor EV Concept is also said to advance Honda’s independent torque vectoring technologies, which send power to each of the supercar’s four wheels and can dramatically increase cornering speeds. Eventually, these latest advancements are expected to seep into Acura’s road cars, including Acura’s latest 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid.

Yamano and his electrified Acura NSX will face off against other big name racers, including Rhys Millen, Rick Knoop, and “Monster” Tajima Nobuhiro, who will drive a racing version of the Rimac Concept_One sports coupe.

A pair of race-prepared 2017 Acura NSX sports cars will also test the mountain, driven by Honda R&D engineers James and Nick Robinson. The hillclimb fun kicks off on Sunday, June 26.

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