Acura NSX delayed, now 2017 model

Acura NSX delayed, now 2017 model

The long-awaited Acura NSX may require some more waiting. The on-sale date, previously said to be late fall of this year for the 2016 model year, has been pushed back to spring 2016 and will now be a 2017 model year car.

The delay is due to the fact that mid-way through the car’s development, engineers decided to drastically change the engine configuration from a transverse naturally-aspirated V6 to a longitudinal twin-turbo V6. The switch, says Automobile, required a bespoke engine.

The concept second-generation NSX debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2012. The production version debuted at the same venue this year. At the time, Acura representatives said that the car would be available for sale by the end of 2015. The pause means that over four years will have elapsed by the time it begins production.

The postponement comes even as Acura announced new trim levels and colors at the Monterey Historic Car Week and highlighted the supercar’s manufacturing processes.

In contrast, Honda surprised the world with its original NSX at its Chicago Auto Show launch in February 1989. Few had expected Honda to build a world-beating supercar just 15 years removed from its tiny first-gen Civic hatchbacks.

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