Acura is One Step Closer to its Goal of Self-Driving Cars by 2020

Acura has revealed a new self-driving development vehicle based on the RLX. 

The RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD model seen here is fitted with a suite of technology including radar, Lidar, cameras and GPS sensors that help it see. Software upgrades along with improved cabling, heat management and circuitry all contribute to this RLX being able to test in more complex situations.

Acura is testing its sensor fusion, with its engineers looking to validate that the information coming in from each individual signal is being used as part of the bigger picture. Acura also wants to make sure the sensors are used in the best ways, for example the radar sensors are best at relaying position and velocity of off-board objects while the camera works best at identifying objects based on size and shape.

This new test vehicle will spend its days at the Honda Research Institute in the San Francisco Bay area, running around a 5,000-acre proving grounds complete with 20-miles of paved roads that include buildings and urban infrastructure.

Honda wants to release automated driving technologies by 2020.

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