Acura evaluating GT3 or GTE race version for NSX

Acura has announced they are analyzing the prospects of coming out with a GT3 or GTE racer based on the second generation NSX.

In an interview with Sportscar365, Honda Performance Development (HPD) vice president and chief operating officer Steve Eriksen said the track-only NSX is targeted for the 2017 season and a final decision regarding whether it will be a GT3- or GTE-spec vehicle will be made in the coming weeks.

If it will be a GT3 car, the NSX racecar will serve as a replacement for the all-wheel drive Acura TLX GT. Eriksen went on to specify that regardless of the class it will compete in, the NSX race car will likely lose its hybrid setup since he believes the world of motorsport is not ready just yet to fully embrace hybrids.

It’s not known at this point whether HPD will be in charge of developing and producing the track version of the new NSX, but Eriksen said it would make sense for the car to race in United States since he believes it will be the biggest market for the road-going model.

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