A Racy Honda NSX ‘Type R’ Could Be on the Way


Building a supercar from the ground-up is undoubtedly hard work, not to mention extremely expensive. In fact, it’s often the case that when an automaker produces a “halo car” of sorts, they may lose money on each model sold. 

So how does one recoup not only performance pedigree but also profits? According to the UK’s Autocar, that’s what Honda had to figure out when designing the all-new NSX. Their solution, says the outlet, was to create an entire platform rather than just a single supercar.

Quite clearly, the 573-horsepower 2017 Honda NSX (née Acura NSX) hybrid is the company’s first “go” at it. But according to the report, a convertible, lightweight version, non-hybrid, and an all-electric variant are all under consideration for production. Best of all, the most knife-edged of which is said to receive the hallowed “Type R” designation. Things just got very interesting.


The report cites NSX project leader Ted Klaus who hinted that the engineering team was looking into new technologies to broaden the NSX’s performance horizon, following testing of a lightweight version that campaigned at the recent Pikes Peak hillclimb in Colorado. He noted it was “the general direction we wish to go” with the NSX, and said there was “an appetite for a [more pure, simplified version]” within Honda.

An all-electric version was also raced by Honda at the event, testing torque vectoring and battery durability, but that variant likely won’t impress Honda NSX fans quite as much as Honda’s latest creation—a new non-hybrid racing variant for GT3 competition.


It was hinted that such a solely gas-powered Honda NSX was possible in a road car, as the chassis had been engineered to handle different powertrain setups and withstand even more power that it does currently. Combine that tried-and-true recipe with a lighter, more stripped-out body and perhaps we’re getting into NSX “Type R” territory.

All in all, nothing is confirmed for production, however multiple versions of the NSX (especially one at a lower price point) would certainly seem to have traction with Honda fans. Only time will tell which make the jump from sketch pad to reality.

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