A Potential Acura NSX “Targa” Looks Like An Awesome Idea

Even though this image depicts what many of us would call the ‘NSX Roadster’, what we’re looking at here is technically a ‘Targa’.

We kind of have an idea about what the convertible version of the NSX would look like thanks to “Tony Stark” showing off the concept in the first Avengers movie. And yes, that was called the NSX Roadster and of course, it looked mighty freaking cool.

The thing is, personally I think this rendering of a more “Targa-like” convertible looks even better! It feels more aggressive, more planted… visually.

Plus, just like this rendering’s designer points out, a Targa model would need less extra strengthening for the body than a true blue Roadster/Convertible.

Unfortunately, with NSX production being pushed back to 2016 instead of late 2015, we’ll have to wait even longer not just for the standard car, but for any other version that may follow.

On the flip side, a car this spectacular should definitely be worth the wait once you consider its $150,000 price-tag and 550 HP (est) power unit.

So how would you guys take your Acura NSX, Cabrio or Targa?

Rendering courtesy of RM Design

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