6 Concept Cars That Could Soon Become a Reality


Concept cars have a double-edged effect. These pieces of rolling artwork display the stunning technologies and designs that could be possible in tomorrow’s production cars, yet also leave the public wanting if they never come to fruition. More often that not for the spiciest of concepts, the latter is the case.

But not always. The world’s automakers do dabble in building extravagance and lunacy, and the following six concept cars could be the next production-ready examples of exactly that. As a disclaimer, none of these are by any means confirmed for production, but there is evidence suggesting a production run isn’t out of the question.

Kia GT4 Stinger


Kia wowed visitors to the 2014 Detroit auto show when it pulled the covers off the GT4 Stinger, and it isn’t hard to see why. Bold appearance, potent turbocharged engine, rear-wheel-drive. It’s a head-turner. But recent reports suggest the project is still under development. There’s a market for nimble, sportsters but the questions remains – how much market? Kia’s GT sedan however looks to be more of a sure thing.

Toyota FT-1


You’ve heard the rumors and reports—the Supra is coming, people. Though it may not resemble the original Supra we all knew and loved (what with the hybrid powerplant and everything), it will likely bear the Supra name and original performance spirit. But the most important factor of all–it will share an uncanny resemblance, at least on the exterior, to the FT-1 concept we saw just two years ago.

Mini Superleggera


A successor to the ill-fated Mini Cooper Roadster, the Superleggera concept car is both lusted for by Mini fans and apparently welcomed by company execs. Patent drawings surfaced late last year, first suggesting the Mini was more than just a concept, and reports cite BMW executives who currently deny its production status but do consider it a welcome addition to the product range.

Hyundai Veloster RM16 N

Hyundai RM16 Track

Hyundai’s bread and butter might be affordable passenger cars, but the Korean powerhouse has been hyping its performance and racing chops as well. Last year, Hyundai stuck a turbo 2.0-liter in the middle of a Veloster, and for 2015, a ‘midship’ Veloster concept car has returned. Hyundai made it clear on the first go-around that its screamer wasn’t indicative of a production model, but with lightning striking twice, perhaps there’s more here than meets the eye.

Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1


A few weeks back our friends at Hansen Art flexed their rendering muscles with this gorgeous mid-engine Corvette concept car. It feeds off recent reports and sightings that suggest GM will stick an engine midship in either the next-gen Corvette or perhaps sooner in a C7 ZR1. That may sound like heresy to Corvette hard-liners, but it certainly isn’t the first time GM has thought about creating a mid-engine ‘Super Corvette’. Zora Arkus Duntov did in the early ‘60s, and his dream may come true again.

Honda S2000


A revived S2000 is a car that enthusiasts can only dream of, at least for now. Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that the S2000 is headed back to market. And why shouldn’t it? Honda is putting out some of its best products to date, a new S2000 would only further compliment the already potent lineup.

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