5 European circuits, 5 record laps for Honda Civic Type R

A few months ago, the new Honda Civic Type R has managed to beat the Nurburgring lap time for the front-drive cars (now the Golf Clubsport S holds the record) and this was the trigger for the Japanese car manufacturer. As a result, they have traveled through Europe, found a few special circuits and deliver some record laps.

The first stage was in April at Silverstone, but the British weather has spoiled the Japanese plans. They have returned after a few weeks and Matt Neal set a new lap record at 2:31.85. The second stage was in Belgium at Spa-Francorchamps. Here, Rob Huff clocked a lap at 2:56.91.

5 European circuits, 5 record laps for Honda Civic Type R

Next was Monza, Italy. For this special circuit, Honda has assigned Norbert Michelisz. And the Hungarian driver did it: 2 minutes and 15,16 seconds.

Former F1 driver Tiago Monteiro was set to tackle Estoril but he suffered an accident and Bruno Correia stepped up. He also manage to beat the Estoril lap time with 2 minutes and 40,08 seconds.

Finally Michelisz returned to the cockpit to complete the quintet of records at the Hungaroring with a 2:10.85 lap.

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