4 Reasons the Honda CR-V can’t be ignored

Demo of the Honda Side View Mirror

2015 Honda CR-V

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As a mom, you do whatever it takes to get the job done, and try to look “flawless” while doing it. (Thanks for the pressure Beyonce’!) For those of us who don’t have a private chef, plane and chauffeur, there’s still hope. The Honda CR-V “keeps it cute”, and carts the kids around safely. Here are a few reason’s this simple, unassuming, flawlessly pragmatic SUV cannot be ignored.

A closer look at the Honda CR-V

1. Goes with Sequins

The 2015 CR-V AWD Touring experienced a bit of a sprucing up. ‘Amazing how much a new set of headlights can make difference. (Ask any mother whose ever breastfed and she’ll tell you, aside from a year supply of lanolin, a new set of “headlights” is at the top of her wish list!) In addition to the projector beam headlights, the Honda upgraded the CRV to with LED daytime running lamps. These additions add a trendy, yet formal look and feel to the vehicle. Welcome to the 2010’s CRV!

2. Max Factor

Rumored to stand for “Compact Recreational Vehicle”, the CR-V is true to its name. However, unlike most compacts, this vehicle has somewhat of a roomy feel WITHOUT compromising cargo space. Perfect for a small family with 2 kids or less, there is room for everyone with seating for up to 5 people.

3. Civic Minded

Loosely based on the Honda Civic, the 2015 CR-V AWD Touring throws a nod to it’s sister from a mister by giving the people what they want. The “Civic Minded” CR-V comfortably seats the kids, has more than ample cargo space and most importantly, it’s the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) 2015 Top Safety pick.

([VID] Click here for our favorite safety feature)

4. Road Runner

With increased torque over the prior year, and the addition of the continuous variable automatic transmission (CVT), the Honda CRV’s “get up and go” factor has improved by leaps and bounds. Got a kid who always has to go to the bathroom AS SOON as you pull off of your street? Well, with the CR-V’s CVT rest assured that more power will be delivered more quickly, and with fuel economy made a priority.

Quick Stats:

Price as tested: $32,113

MSRP: $31,382

Max Kid Capacity:

–Car Seats: 2 Large Car Seats w/ No middle Passenger

–w/o Car Seats: 3 Kids

Horsepower: 185hp

Fuel economy: 26/33 mpg (cty/hwy)

Test vehicle provided by Honda

More… about Kimberly here & more pics of the CR-V here

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