370 HP Honda S2000 Turbo Goes Power Sliding And Flame Throwing

There’s no doubt that some car aficionados still have the Honda S2000 on their ‘must have’ list, and this video is dedicated not just to them, but to owners of the Japanese sports car that is still capable of throwing a good punch.

Having almost 250 horsepower sitting at his disposal wasn’t enough for this enthusiast, who decided to turbocharge the 2.0-liter, four-banger and up the output to approximately 370 HP.

This, along with probably some other tweaks made to it, have transformed the S2000 into an absolute flame-spitting monster, one that isn’t afraid to show its tail-happy abilities on the track.

If this footage has somehow convinced you to spend your savings on such a vehicle, then you should be ready to drop between €7,000 and €15,000 ($7,750-$16,600) for a decent example, according to the ads posted on the used car market. Don’t act too surprised if some of the S2000s retail for more than €20,000 ($22,130) either, because paying extra usually means that the roadster has been taken care of.


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