300,000 Hondas With Faulty Airbags Remain Unrepaired

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 300,000 vehicles from Honda in the U.S. haven’t had their faulty Takata airbags fixed.

Although the NHTSA issued an urgent warning for owners of affected vehicles to have them fixed in June, just 13,000 have done so since, reports The Detroit News.

Speaking at the Original Equipment Suppliers Association 2016 conference in Detroit, NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind said “Every time we lose a life, it means we’re not doing enough. We have to get people to know when they get (the recall notice), get it fixed. It’s no cost. Get it fixed … more needs to get done.”

Just last month, it was revealed that a woman driving a 2001 Honda Civic died in a September 30 due to the faulty airbag. It could have been repaired prior to the crash but wasn’t.

To help ensure that all affected models are repaired, the NHTSA says it has hired private investigators to track down owners and could send mechanics directly to owners to have their vehicles fixed on the spot.

“We’ve had a significant number of meetings with Honda. It’s just not happening fast enough for anybody,” Rosekind concluded.

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