2018 Honda Civic Type-R could be coming to America

The 300 horsepower hot hatchback will demand attention from the industry.

Enthusiasts of the Honda Civic Type-R were disappointed when the 300 horsepower, manually shifted, front wheel drive Type-R performance coupe was only unveiled to European and Japanese audiences. This is in part due to strict EPA standards in America that other countries across the Atlantic do not have, according to a Torque News on Sunday.

The vehicle will be released in America due to the potential of high interest and improving technology that allows the vehicle to adhere to strict regulations on emissions. The vehicle will likely be released in 2017 as a 2018 model, tenth generation Civic, according to Car and Driver. Traditional layouts of the two and four door layouts of the Civic will still be available, but the Type-R will be a stylish yet practical hatchback which is a popular style for many European models.

Under the hood is Honda‘s new i-VTEC 2.0 liter four cylinder engine which sports 300 horsepower paired with a six speed manual transmission. Enthusiasts will love the low curb weight that comes with the small car, high engine output from an unsuspecting engine and fun factor that comes from a manual transmission. Pair that with the hatchback layout which is appealing for young drivers and euro-hatchback enthusiasts and the Type-R will demand attention from the whole road.

The price of the Type-R has not yet been released but experts estimate that it will be between $30,000 and $40,000. The competition for this type of vehicle is tough in the price range.

The Ford Focus ST is a similar hot hatchback which appeals to the same segment of buyers. The quick hatchback is a speedy and inexpensive option for auto enthusiasts. Currently, the ST offers 252 horsepower for $25,300 which is a good option for someone who doesn’t mind losing a race off the line with a Honda Type-R if it means that they can save around $10,000 when they purchase the car. The RS, the next step up in the Focus line, offers 350 horsepower for a starting price of $36,605. Experts hope that the Type-R will have a lower price tag to justify the smaller engine and output numbers.

The Volkswagen Golf offers substantial competition to the Type-R as well. The Golf GTI retails for $26,415 with an output of 210 horsepower but the Golf R features a 292 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo with all-wheel drive for $36,470.

The Civic Type-R will feature similar output and price as the Golf R and the Focus RS on a front-wheel drive foundation and hatchback format. The hot hatchback continues to heat up as young buyers voice interest in the trendy market.

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