2017 Honda Ridgeline is the Cure for Buying More Truck Than You Need


You see them all the time. Parked in big box store parking lots, or squeezed into a space at the gym–trucks that are maybe a whole lot more than what the owner needs. Suburban weekend warriors that purchase a pickup simply because they might go to the hardware store or garden center twice a year. My friends, the antidote is here, and it is called the Honda Ridgeline. The new-look Honda Ridgeline rides on a unibody platform rather than the typical body-on-frame layout of a truck. It looks more like a Honda Pilot, and as such, it has more in common with Honda’s big SUV than it does a traditional pickup truck. You could think of it as a Honda Pilot pickup, but there is a whole lot more that meets the eye.


The Ridgeline features a 3.5-liter V6, sending power through a six-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels, or available all-wheel drive. Yes, this pickup comes in FWD in base form, which may turn off traditional pickup buyers, but what it offers is more for the weekend warrior set. Four-wheel independent suspension guarantees the Ridgeline will have a more car-like ride, while still being able to haul 1,600 pounds in the bed.

In addition to the bed’s payload capabilities, there is also a useful storage unit in the bottom of the bed, as well as six speakers. You can’t actually see them, but they are there, and offer a unique solution for tunes during tailgating.


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