2017 Honda Odyssey could be offered with all-wheel drive

Minivans have largely fallen out of favor with consumers but it appears Honda will try to mitigate that trend by offering all-wheel drive on the next-generation Odyssey.

In an interview with Edmunds, American Honda Motor Executive Vice President John Mendel confirmed the company is considering all-wheel drive to the redesigned 2017 Odyssey.

If the company green-lights an all-wheel drive Odyessey there will be a few tradeoffs as Mendel noted the floor height would need to be raised 2-3 inches in order to accommodate the all-wheel-drive system. ┬áThis would hamper the van’s ingress and egress which is “one of the things buyers love” about the current model. ┬áThe all-wheel drive system would also add weight which would negatively effect the model’s fuel efficiency.

Regardless of whether or not the model is offered with all-wheel drive, the redesigned Odyssey is slated to arrive at dealerships in the second half of 2016.

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