2017 Acura NSX video road test: Welcome to today’s future

2017 Acura NSX

Unfortunately for some of us, 1990 doesn’t feel like long ago. It was a watershed year for the car industry; Lexus was new, so was the Miata.

Same goes for the Acura NSX. It was the supercar from 1990 that was so user-friendly it could only have come from Honda. The NSX arrived at the peak of the golden age of Japanese supercars and faded shortly after the turn of the 21st century, long after it had been surpassed by more technologically advanced sports cars. 

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting since its first sunset in 2002, we finally have a new NSX this year.

This time around the Acura reaches far into the future to recharge its nameplate for today.

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Evolution of a revolution

Fully four years in the making, the 2017 Acura NSX arrived this spring into owners’ patient hands. While that makes this car new on paper, the Acura NSX is a familiar car to most of us. It made the rounds in auto shows and on magazine covers for years—a concept car with multiple generations.

The new car’s styling borrows heavily from the Ferrari 458 Italia and Audi R8, without aping it. Aerodynamics mandate the big air intakes up front and the way the side mirrors distance themselves from the body of the NSX, a la Ferrari.

Where NSX engineers cloaked the air paths at the hood line and in the car’s haunches, that’s where we see Audi and Lamborghini most. The thin flying buttresses reach far forward from the decklid to the roof and shape the NSX’s wide intakes, set behind the driver and passenger doors, and frame the wide rear haunches that punctuate its exotic style.

It’s every bit of a super-car look from the outside, but here’s the thing: it’s what’s under the hood that makes it an everyday car.

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