2017 Acura NSX Tested on the Newest Episode of Ignition

2017 Acura NSX Front Three Quarter In Motion

After a long wait, Acura’s halo NSX supercar has returned to the hungry masses. Our friends at Motor Trend were lucky enough to nab some seat time behind the wheel, and on the newest episode of Ignition, host Jason Cammisa discovers if Honda’s new supercar can capture a fraction of the essence of the original NSX. From the get-go, things aren’t looking too good for the new NSX. While the original was a clean, evergreen design penned by the famed Italian design house Pinifarina, the new NSX is sculpted by computers and aerodynamics, with an overall design pulled from Acura’s corporate catalog. Underneath the angular body, the powertrain of the new car is also an extreme departure from its predecessor. In place of the transversely-mounted, free-breathing, high-revving V-6 which sent power to the rear wheels through a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission, the new supercar packs a longitudinally-mounted, twin-turbocharged, hybridized V-6, with all four wheels powered through the NSX’s 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. This copious power allows the new NSX to crack off 0-60 mph in a scant 3.0 seconds. Its not all different, however, as Cammisa outlines how the old NSX rewrote the book on supercar reliability and day-to-day usability. At first glance, the current NSX engineers might have strayed a little too far into the soft and usable category, with a special “Quiet” mode, and stock “sport” tires that might be more at home on a Mustang GT than a bonafide supercar. However, as Cammisa notes, a quick crank of the driving mode dial, and the entire experience changes dramatically. The NSX’s magnetic dampeners sharpen up, with the torque vectoring system providing the driver a bootful of capability and confidence on-track. In the end, Cammisa is hopeful. Hopeful mainly for the engineers to modify and tweak the existing software to meet in the middle of hardcore track performance and softer, everyday usability. Check out the 2017 Acura NSX in the video below.

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