2017 Acura NSX pricing starts at $157,800; here’s how you can get VIN 001

2017 Acura NSX manufacturer Photo 1

Get your bidding paddle ready, because the first production ’17 NSX is heading to auction

We now know exactly how much the 2017 Acura NSX will cost: $157,800, including the $1,800 destination fee.

And that’s just the entry point. According to Acura, the NSX will max out at — deep breath — $207,500 (again, that’s with the $1,800 destination fee worked in).

For some perspective, the 1991 Acura NSX started at $60,000; adjusted for inflation, that works out to about $105,000, give or take. But you’re getting a lot of tech to geek out over for your money here, if that’s your thing: we’re guessing the new car’s hybrid all-wheel drive powertrain and a complex multi-material composite are at the root of the price premium over its relatively straightforward, naturally aspirated, all-aluminum predecessor.

You’ll be able to spec the base NSX with carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon fiber roof, a carbon fiber interior package…there’s the potential to pack a lot of carbon on this thing, is our point. Exactly how the hypothetical maxed-out $207,500 sticker breaks down remains to be seen, however as the online configurator won’t go live until February 25, 2016. That’s also the day Acura will start taking orders for the car.

But there is a way to cut in line — and nab Acura NSX Numero Uno in the process. NSX VIN 001 will cross the block at the 2016 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona at the end of January. Proceeds from the auction will benefit two charities: the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground.

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