2017 Acura NSX Is A Jack Of All Trades, Says Consumer Reports

The modern-day NSX is already looking like the type of supercar that will win you over as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Some reviewers have even called it a “budget hypercar”, though if you ask the folks over at Consumer Reports to say just how budget-friendly the NSX is, they may give you a completely different take on the matter.

Before he started looking at the car’s value, CR’s Mike Monticello praised the way the NSX darts forward once you put your foot down, and was impressed by its grip and how secure you feel behind the wheel even when pushing it to its limits.

However, some people do seem to take issue with the car’s video game-like behavior. They argue that it’s not as engaging to drive as the original and that if we’re looking for more of analog feeling, there are probably better alternatives out there.

There were other negatives as well, according to CR. For example, they didn’t enjoy the infotainment system – which is something that “annoyed” them in other Acura models as well. Then of course is the price, starting at $157,800.

Now, if you recall, we put together this poll back in December, asking you to name your supercar of choice for $160,000 and whether it would be the NSX or not. Aside from most people feeling the urge to live in Ohio, the most popular choices were the McLaren 570S and the 911 Turbo, followed by the NSX and the AMG GT S trailing it by just 17 votes.

In other words, it may be a great car, but we’ve yet to see it have the same level of impact, at least culturally, as the current-gen Nissan GT-R did back when the R35 sprung up in 2007.


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