2016 Super Bowl: Honda stars the 2017 Ridgeline [video]

2016 Super Bowl: Honda stars the 2017 Ridgeline image

The recently concluded North American International Auto Show in Detroit saw among the stars the second generation of the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck – and now the model stars in the company’s upcoming Super Bowl advertisement.

The introduction of Honda’s Ridgeline to the Super Bowl roster comes as little surprise since the American market is currently in love with the SUV/crossover and pickup truck segments. And the Japanese automaker will make do to promote the all new truck – which has changed from a quirky addition to the segment into a more classical, wide-appeal truck. The 60 second commercial has been named “A New Truck to Love,” and has decided to focus on the Ridgeline’s bespoke truck-bed audio system which makes use of six exciters to play music outside the vehicle.

As the story goes, a rancher makes use of the truck for some practical work – drop off sheep – though the animals courtesy of the Ridgeline’s accessory learn on the way to sing Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” Honda said the ad will play out during the third quarter and explained they went to great lengths to have the fantasy story depicted as accurate as possible – even studying hoe sheep move their mouths to imagine how their facial muscles might react while singing. The Super Bowl promotion also includes a competition that will see en lucky winners taking a trip to “Camp Ridgeline.”

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