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The 2016 Civic is an important opportunity for Honda , a chance for the car to redeem itself after the disaster of the ninth generation. The new car is a large and important step forward not only in terms of quality, but also design. The ninth-gen model was a major blow to Honda’s reputation in North America, thanks to its poor interior quality, unimpressive driving dynamics in all but the Si model, and bizarre styling choices both inside and out. Honda scrambled to fix these things for the 2013 model, but the damage was already done, and had already dropped its recommendation of the Civic for the first time in the model’s history.

The new model has only just been announced on YouTube, but things are already looking better. Not only has the styling improved, but the base engines have gotten more powerful and for the first time ever, there will be a Civic Type R sold in North America. The car will actually take several different forms, but so far Honda has only unveiled the sedan version. This will be the most popular form that the car takes, especially in North America, so it does make a lot of sense, but it would still be nice to see it as a hatchback also.


Honda Civic

The look of the new Civic is much more angular than the outgoing model. Honda uses the word “sporty” a lot in connection to this look, and while that might be debatable, just the fact that it doesn’t look like an eel anymore is quite a relief. The car is lower and wider than the outgoing version, and this works quite well. This is technically a sedan, but there isn’t a traditional trunk. Instead there is a sportback sort of design favored by the Germans.

It is also somewhat reminiscent of the late 2012-2013 Honda Accord Crosstour , but mercifully without the hunchback look of the bigger car. This is a potentially divisive styling choice, but as divisive Civic choices go, it isn’t one of the worst ones. The body is 68 pounds lighter than before, and rigidity has been improved by 25 percent. Honda also says that the engine compartment and doors are more tightly sealed, making for a quieter cabin. LED exterior lighting can be seen in the photos, although it’s worth mentioning that this will be optional and not standard.


Honda Civic

Since it was the interior of the old car that was so hated, it is probably the most important part of the new one, and it’s a huge relief to see that Honda got it right. Gone is the tiered dash of the previous model, which was needlessly complicated and added what seemed like acres of unattractive and unnecessary plastic to the inside of the car. The new design is simple, with the kind of clean look it that results from many of the controls being integrated into the infotainment system. Said system is now also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, displayed on a 7-inch screen. There is another screen in the center of the gauge cluster that shows speed, revs and other information.

The roof has been lowered by an inch, but the floor been lowered by the same amount, so there is no loss of headroom. The rear seat is much improved, being not only bigger, but also given two inches of extra legroom. The interior is not without a certain amount of plastic, but the aesthetics are greatly improved. Honda says that higher quality materials have been used as well, and given the level of improvement in the design, this is probably true. Creature comforts like dual zone climate control and power windows are now standard as well.


Honda Civic

The really impressive drivetrain numbers will come when Honda brings out the Si and Type R, but the engine options for the regular car have been improved as well. The base engine is a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-banger that puts out 158 horsepower, making it the most powerful base engine ever offered in a Civic. The other option is important in that Honda has never offered a turbocharged engine in the Civic in North America, and this 1.5-liter example puts out 174 horsepower. The bad news in all of this is that the turbo engine is available only with a CVT, while the less powerful 2.0 engine get a choice of CVT or six-speed manual. Honda’s CVTs aren’t as terrible as some (most, even) others, but they are still definitely made more for fuel economy than excitement. The upside of that is that Honda says all configurations will exceed 40 mpg on the highway. The suspension has been tuned to give a more comfortable ride, but Honda assures us that it will also provide a more engaging driving experience, helped along by an improved torque vectoring system.


The outgoing Civic has a four-star rating from the NHTSA, with side impacts being the only area where it received five stars. Honda is offering the Honda Sensing suite of semi-autonomous safety features for the new Civic. These include Collision Mitigation Braking, Road Departure Mitigation and an adaptive cruise control system that includes Low-Speed follow, always a nice thing in heavy traffic. These options are important, as safety is another thing that the current Civic didn’t do as well as it could have. Four stars might not sound bad, but it’s worth mentioning that competitors like the Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla both got five-star ratings.


Honda Civic

The current Civic starts at $18,490, going up to $19,290 for anyone who doesn’t want a manual transmission, which includes nearly all American buyers. It’s unclear so far just how much things like the new interior and the turbocharged engine will add to the price, but with the compact segment being as fiercely competitive as it is, it is unlikely that the price will go up too much , as Honda wouldn’t want to price the car right out of competition. In fact, if the price stays the same, the Civic could be reasonably good value for the money.


2014 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

The Civic’s long time mortal enemy, the Corolla is a staple of the compact segment. It is a very bland sort of a car, but when you consider how disastrous Honda ’s efforts to make a more interesting Civic went, this might not be a bad thing. The Corolla won’t attract the attention of many enthusiasts, but it’s safe, reliable and good on fuel in that sort of way that people who don’t want to devote a lot of thought to their car love.

2015 Ford Focus Sedan

Ford Focus Sedan

More fun to drive and also to look at than most of its competitors, the Focus is very much a European-style compact in the best sense of the word. The car is made to be more fun to drive than the competition. The best evidence of this is that, for those that don’t want a manual, Ford offers a dual-clutch automatic instead of a CVT like the Japanese. The base engine is unimpressive in the power department, but the better transmission options make up for some of this, and there are other options if you’re willing to pay.


The Civic’s sales took a big tumble in 2011. Sales have more or less recovered since then, but are still basically where they were in 2010. The market has grown a lot since then and the Civic did not keep up. This new Civic should allow the nameplate to catch back up with where it should be. It is a good car, one that Honda put real thought into developing. Let’s just hope that Honda manages to keep it that way and doesn’t get the urge to cut corners again.


  • roomier cabin with a much more sensible layout
  • surprisingly good power on tap for this segment
  • 40+mpg highway without having to pay for a hybrid


  • no escaping the CVT
  • rear end looks Crosstour-ish, and that was discontinued for a reason
  • still waiting on the Type R

Press Release

Honda took to YouTube today to unveil an all-new, dynamically styled 10th-generation 2016 Civic Sedan, slated for sale in the U.S. this fall. With a more athletic stance and sportier driving position, the 2016 Civic Sedan is a new-from-the-ground-up design intended to recapture the sporty character of Civic while creating the world’s best compact car – setting a new benchmark in the mainstream compact class for fun-to-drive performance, safety performance and fuel efficiency, together with a new level of refinement.

Honda Civic

The Civic Sedan is the first in a series of new 10th-generation Civic models that will include a sedan, coupe, high-performance Si models, a 5-door hatchback and the first-ever Civic Type-R model for the U.S. market, comprising the most diverse and innovative lineup in Civic’s 43-year history.

“This tenth-generation Civic is quite simply the most ambitious remake of Civic we’ve ever done,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co, Inc. “We are bringing more new technology and innovative thinking to Civic than ever before to establish a new benchmark for fun-to-drive performance, fuel efficiency, safety performance and refinement in the compact class.”

Backing up the new Civic’s dramatic and sporty design with new power and efficiency, for the first time the 2016 Civic will feature two all-new engines – including the first-ever application of Honda turbo engine technology in the U.S. These powerful and fuel-efficient new engines combine with a sophisticated new body and chassis design to deliver incredibly responsive and sporty performance with a higher level of ride refinement and class-leading fuel efficiency.

The 2016 Civic Sedan will be available with the Honda Sensing™ suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, including Collision Mitigation Braking, Road Departure Mitigation and, for the first time in a Honda, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow – bringing new value to the compact segment.

Further, the 2016 Civic lineup joins the freshened 2016 Accord in offering advanced smartphone integration with a new, 7-inch high-definition Display Audio touchscreen, offering tech-savvy customers a more advanced and intuitive connected-car experience.

Apple CarPlay® takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music right from the touchscreen or by voice via Siri. Supported apps include Phone, Messages, Maps, Music and compatible third party apps. Apple CarPlay® is compatible with iOS 8.4 or later and iPhone 5 or later.

Honda Civic

Android Auto™ was designed to give drivers a simple, intuitive way through touch and voice to minimize the potential for distraction so the driver can stay focused on the road. Compatible with Android 5.0 and higher, Android Auto features Google Maps, Google Now, messaging, music and numerous popular apps.

Sporty Civic Design

The dramatic and sporty new Civic design is grounded in its more athletic stance and low and wide proportions. Compared to the current model, the 2016 Civic Sedan is nearly 2 inches wider and 1 inch lower with a 1.2-inch longer wheelbase, featuring a more compact and sporty front overhang, a longer, more aggressively sculpted hood and fastback-style tail.

The taut and tidy proportions of the new Civic Sedan are complemented and accentuated by refined design details, including sleek and swept-back bodylines, a sharp and aggressive face and bulging wheel arches. The new Civic’s more premium compact sedan character is also highlighted by its available LED exterior lighting, including new Honda LED headlights (in-line type), LED daytime running lights (standard) and distinctive C-shaped LED taillights (also standard).

“The new Civic really is the embodiment of our global design team’s goal of styling a dramatic form that follows and speaks to the dynamic function of this ambitious redesign,” said Jarad Hall, Senior Exterior Designer and project leader of the Civic Sedan, Honda R&D Americas. “The low and wide proportions, with the wheels pushed to the outmost corners, emphasize the Civic’s dynamic handling prowess and give the car a crouched and muscular look, like a tiger ready to pounce.”

Two All-new Engines

The 2016 Civic Sedan will feature two all-new, more powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Civic Sedan LX and EX trims will be powered by a 2.0-liter, 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC™ 4-cylinder – the most powerful base engine ever offered on Civic – mated to either a 6-speed manual (LX trim) or continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Civic Sedans in EX-T, EX-L trims and Touring trims will be powered by a 1.5-liter, direct-injected and turbocharged 16-valve DOHC inline-4, mated to a unique CVT, delivering a new level of responsiveness in this capacity class of turbocharged engine.

The new 1.5-liter powerplant is the first turbocharged engine on a U.S. Honda model and the most powerful engine ever offered on a non-Si Civic in America. Both engines will offer top-in-class performance and fuel efficiency, and are targeted to receive EPA highway fuel economy ratings in excess of 40 mpg. Additional powertrain details and specifications will be announced closer to launch.

Advanced and Sporty New Body and Chassis

The 2016 Civic will set a new standard for dynamic handling, steering, ride quality and cabin quietness in the compact class, courtesy of its all new platform, featuring the most rigid and tightly sealed body and the most sophisticated chassis in Civic history.

Advancing the sporty character of this all-new Civic is its more sporty driving position, with a one-inch lower hip point compared to the current car. The lower hip point is enabled by the new Civic’s lower floor and engine and its all-new suspension design. The new Civic chassis features a redesigned strut front suspension and a new multi-link rear suspension mounted to an ultra-rigid rear subframe.

Honda Civic

Torsional rigidity of the new body is improved by 25 percent, aided in part by more intensive use of ultra-high-strength steel. Twelve percent of the unit body is made of ultra-high-strength steel, up from 1percent on the current model. Aerodynamic efficiency is improved by 12 percent to class-leading levels, in part through the use of full underbody covers—a Civic first. Despite its larger size, the new Civic unit body is 68 pounds lighter than before, while new body-sealing techniques result in a 58-percent reduction in cabin air leaks. Class-leading cabin quietness is further improved by the use of premium noise-reducing features, including a flush-mounted acoustic glass windshield, a more tightly sealed engine compartment and triple-sealed doors.

To achieve the Civic development team’s high targets for dynamic performance and refined ride quality, the new Civic Sedan utilizes hydraulic compliance bushings, a technology typically reserved for more expensive vehicles, aiding the isolation of road vibration. Additional new chassis technologies include variable gear ratio steering, beefier front and rear stabilizer bars and standard 4-wheel disc brakes, along with the application of new Agile Handling Assist brake-torque vectoring technology for more precise and agile cornering.

Spacious, Sophisticated and Advanced Cabin

The new Civic interior is designed to offer the most comfortable, sophisticated and premium-feeling cabin in the compact class. An additional 3.7 cubic feet of interior space translates into the largest cabin in the compact segment with 2 inches of added rear-seat legroom versus the outgoing model. In front, new ultra-thin front roof pillars enable class-leading forward visibility; and at the rear, trunk space has been increased by 2.6 cubic feet with a lower liftover height, larger opening and wider and taller cargo area. Civic Sedan EX and above trims will feature a 60/40 split and folding rear seat.

The 2016 Civic Sedan offers customers more premium features than ever before. New standard equipment includes automatic climate control – dual-zone on EX-L and higher trims; auto-up/down front power windows; an electronic parking brake with Brake Hold; Walk-Away auto door locks and an adjustable driver’s seat thigh support with 14 degrees of tilt (EX-L and above). All Civic Sedan models also feature a larger, reconfigurable new center console with up to 7.2 liters of secure storage space, approaching SUV levels of console utility.

The new Civic interior strikes a more premium tone with high-quality materials and high-contrast finishes. These include a new one-piece, soft-touch instrumental panel with molded stitching; more premium seat fabrics; a new full-color TFT center meter (EX and above trims); a center console with piano black finish and high-contrast sliver bezel; door inserts with live stitching; an LED shift indicator and LED overhead lighting; and for EX and higher trims, a leather shift boot. Upper grades offer even more premium features, including an 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat, 4-way power front passenger’s seat, heated front and rear seats and heated side mirrors.

Honda Civic

Civic Manufacturing

Civic Sedans for the North American market will be produced at the company’s Greensburg, Indiana and Alliston, Ontario, Canada auto plants. The new Civic’s 2.0-liter and 1.5-liter turbo engines will be manufactured in Anna, Ohio, and the vehicle’s two automatic transmissions (CVTs) will be sourced from Honda plants in Russells Point, Ohio, and Celaya, Mexico.

The new Civic utilizes numerous new manufacturing processes and technologies to advance quality, efficiency and fun-to-drive performance – the result of new investment in Honda automobile and engine plants in North America. This includes the addition of the company’s innovative new inner-frame weld body construction process in both Indiana and Canada, a system first utilized for production of the 2015 Honda Fit. This new general weld system creates a more lightweight, rigid and strong body structure that helps enable the Civic’s class-leading fuel efficiency, outstanding safety performance and fun-to-drive experience.

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