2016 Honda Civic Stars in New Interactive Ad

Honda has released a new interactive ad starring the all-new 2016 Honda Civic.

The premise for the video features a couple going on a first date in the new sedan and viewers have the option to choose from Great, Greater and Greatest. What makes the ad so unique is the ability to change through the three date scenarios on the fly, allowing you to see how things change for the couple depending on which selection you choose.

All three modes run through a similar date, with the 2016 Honda Civic traveling on the same route with numerous features of the new sedan being showcased. What changes is the ambience based on the setting, with the sunlight getting brighter, the clothing getting more extravagant and the people the couple meet becoming more interesting.

The ad does a great job tying in all the new features of the Honda Civic, including its LED headlights, new turbocharged engine, collision mitigation braking system, heated rear seats and standard multi-angle rearview camera.

You can check out the interactive date video by heading to the 2016 Honda Civic’s website here.

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