2016 Honda Civic First Static Videos From Launch Event

If the official photos and videos featuring the all-new larger, sleeker Honda Civic, don’t paint a sufficiently clear picture of the new car yet, then do check out the videos posted below.

The big news with it is the much improved styling that makes the old generation look even more outdated than it seemed before we saw this. The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine was also a major talking point, but since Honda didn’t say how efficient it is none of the talks could have been conclusive at this point.

I think American buyers of the Civic would have kept buying it even if the new one was merely an evolution of the old one. But since this new model seems like it’s much more than that, maybe it’s the Civic sedan that people won’t buy solely because of practicality reasons or Honda’s renowned reliability record…

Check out the unofficial video previews posted below, shot at the Civic’s launch event held Los Angeles.

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