2016 Honda Accord Goes Modern With New Tech, New Look: First Drive


Name a sedan that’s been on the market for almost 40 years. Ok, now name one that consistently sits in the top percentage of cars sold every year. Still having trouble? How about a sedan that’s been at the top of Motor Trend’s “10 Best” for 28 of the last 32 years. If you haven’t figured out by now, we’re talking about the Honda Accord.

Hitting the streets for the first time in 1976, the Accord has had a hugely successful lifetime in the 40 years (on and off) that it’s been available to buyers. Honoring that 40th anniversary, Honda engineers and designers gave it a fancy new suit and some modern enhancements before showing it off to the world.


Fresher is Better

The Honda Accord—at least in recent years—has been a successful marker for the “evolution not revolution” design style. 2016’s refresh is no different. The Accord gets a new face that includes upgrades to the grille and headlights. Meanwhile in the back, the butt is smoother, and sleek LEDs keep things fresh for the new year.

You could say that the Accord’s new look gives it a more upscale appearance, almost reminiscent of some of its Acura siblings. Modern, sleek, and luxurious; it’s a new look for a car that didn’t really need much changing anyways.


Millennials Marvel

Mid-size sedans haven’t always been a hot ticket for the younger buyer—but don’t tell Honda that. Inside, the cabin also received a refresh, including a more modern layout, and a few more enhancements, not only in terms of design, but also technology.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make the new Accord that much newer. The systems—per usual—work pretty flawlessly. Though, you have to question Honda’s choice of using a full touchscreen infotainment system, even for things like the volume. A knob would have been nice.

To be fair, the steering wheel is loaded with buttons galore. Maybe too many. Volume, tuning, and everything in between are just a push of the thumb away, rather than having to deal with the fussy touchscreen system.


Don’t Sleep on the Coupe

Playing up to that new technology, Honda was sure to include the fact that the Accord coupe is the best-selling mid-size coupe in the segment for buyers under 30. That’s pretty impressive for a market quickly becoming saturated with the two-door stuff.

Like the sedan, it’s gotten much prettier. The lines have been dulled down a bit, but still remain aggressive and eye-catching for anyone under the age of 30 (read: myself). The drive is solid, though maybe not as sporty as something smaller—say the FR-S or even a Mustang.

Of course, Honda is a proud member of the #SaveTheManuals movement and keeps the option alive in both the sedan and coupe. If you want something less thrilling and more efficient, though, opt for the new CVT. Standard automatic is still an option as well.


The Verdict

There’s really not much to say about the new Accord other than it’s still really good. It’s got a new face, comes loaded with new tech, and remains one of the best choices for a mid-size sedan. Not to mention the coupe—which is a good option for anyone, below or above age 30.

For a base, four-door, manual LX, you’ll only be dishing out $22,105. For the top-of-the-line V6 Touring with a standard automatic (not CVT), that’s only $34,580. Opt for the coupe and it’s only $23,775 for an LX manual. And at the top of the coupe lineup, you’re still only paying $34,125 for a V6 and a standard automatic transmission.

Still relatively affordable, decent drive, and loaded with technology. What else do we need to say? It’s an Accord.



Engine: 4-Cylinder / V6

Horsepower: 185 / 278

MPG (combined): 31 (4-cylinder) / 26 (V6)

Price: $22,105 (base)

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