1992 Acura NSX Is A Little Different To A ’59 Mercury

Tastes change. If they didn’t, we’d all still be eating strained peas well into adulthood. And the cars we drive and automakers manufacture would still be the same. Just ask Scott King and Sandy Edelstein, the guys in this latest video from Petrolicious.

Scott and Sandy live in Palm Springs, California – a place where the ’50s are still alive and well, tastefully preserved in the grand style of Mid-Century Modern. So when the two locals started collecting cars, they focused on big highway cruisers like their 1959 Mercury Park Lane.

It’s a glorious testament to the era, though not without its faults. But tastes change. So after starting their collection with the big Mercurys, they went for something a little more modern – though not without a certain element of classic cachet.

It’s a 1992 Acura NSX, and it’s an entirely different beast to the Mercury. But here were are droning on about it, when the owners themselves (and the cinematic artisans at Petrolicious) do a much better job of it. So “drive tastefully” through the seven-and-a-half-minute video below.

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