1991 Honda Vigor ad is confusing, even by Japanese-market standards

1991 Honda Vigor TV commercial

“I miss you … S!”

The best TV car ads in history were created for the Japanese market in the 1980s and 1990s. Weirdness, frenzy, cuteness, macho voiceovers and a healthy dose of incongruous placement of foreigners in Japanese settings — we love them all. This ad for the poor-selling Honda Vigor, which was sort of a luxed-up Accord with a straight-five engine … well, it’s a puzzler.

There’s a pair of Vigors roaring through the hills, a solemn voice describing the powertrain layout and a gaijin woman who misses S.

In the United States, the Vigor was badged as an Acura and didn’t exactly break any sales records. Sure, 1992 was a fast-paced get-in-get-out gotta-go world to live in, but it seemed that the Vigor wasn’t sufficiently fast-paced.

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