160HP Honda S600 Hot Rod Impresses Jay Leno

Honda’s recently revealed S660 kei car has really created a buzz among enthusiasts all over the world (even though it’s only available in Japan), and for good reason.

It’s a light, mid-engined rear-wheel drive roadster that promises a sweet driving experience, despite the fact that its 0.66-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine only produces 64PS (63hp).

A little over half a century ago, Honda launched the S600, the successor to its first production car, the S500, and the ancestor of today’s S660. Jay Leno spotted an interesting S600 in California and invited its owner to his garage to talk more about the car.

Although it features a standard body, the car is actually a hot rod, with the original powertrain being replaced by a 1,000cc engine from a 2007 Honda CBR 1000R engine. Mated to a stock motorcycle transmission, the 160hp engine completely transforms the car, making it a lot faster. But the owner did a lot more than fitting a new engine and transmission, as you will find out from the video.


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