Honda Unveils 3D Printed Micro Car

October 21, 2016 0

A ‘thought bubble’ for those of you spending today wrestling with recalcitrant ink cartridges for your printer – Honda has unveiled a micro commuter vehicle created using 3D printing technology.
Based on Honda’s MC-ß ultra-compact EV, the short-range delivery vehicle will be used by Japanese … read more

Faraday Future’s production car to debut at CES

October 21, 2016 0

Faraday Future has apparently confirmed plans to unveil its first production vehicle early next year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The startup is holding back specific details, instead posting a swirled image on Twitter alongside a promise to “unveil the future.”
Previous teasers and … read more

This All-Honda Garage Is A JDM Fan’s Wet Dream

October 20, 2016 0

Who knew a bunch of Hondas could be THIS cool? When concocting our dream garage from a single manufacturer, in the past we’ve only included cars that the company currently sells, or concepts that could be built in the future. When it came to Honda, this led to a problem. There weren’t enough new cars … read more

Honda’s JDM Step WGN Minivan Gets Sportier In Modulo X Spec

October 20, 2016 0

The minivan may be a dying breed in America, steadily ceding ground to the ubiquitous crossover. But the people-haulers are alive and well in Japan (despite the island nation’s plummeting birth rate), where Honda offers models like the Step WGN, which it has now released in full in the sportier guise … read more

Honda Reportedly Planning New Factory In China

October 20, 2016 0

The popularity of Honda‘s XR-V and the Civic Sedan have contributed to increased sales for the company in China, making it consider the addition of yet another manufacturing facility.
The automaker confirmed that the additional plant was discussed with their local partner, Dongfeng, but the project … read more

New Acura NSX Goes Head To Head With 2017 Nissan GT-R

October 19, 2016 0

Supercars, hypercars, megacars: in its quest for performance, the automakers (and the motoring press alike, in some occasions) create new niches, only for them to be blurred by new models. The GT-R has long been hailed as the supercar slayer, yet one could argue that it’s a supercar in its own right. … read more

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